Digital Compliance, Accessibility and Inclusion. It’s More than Ergonomics.

Why do you need to be Display Screen Equipment compliant?

Because it’s the law.

If you have employees – either working from home or in the office, and they work with a digital display screen as part of their normal working day, and /or continuously for more than an hour a day, you must ensure that their work area is set up correctly to minimise risk.

You need to ensure compliance with UK DSE Regulations 1992.

These regulations have been specifically designed to reduce the risks of back pain, RSI, musculoskeletal pain, screen/visual fatigue and stress.

Why is accessibility important?

Because around 40% of the population has a disability of some kind. 

2018 – 2020 saw the introduction of new DSE guidelines, WCAG 2.1 and ISO 30071.1.  These new guidelines deal with accessibility and minimising risk.

While accessibility is not legislated under DSE regulations, it is considered inclusive within disability and accessibility regulations, therefore it will not be uncommon to see more injury/disability claims “resulting from any omission” under the ADA or UK Equality Act.

Not having digital accessibility could be leaving the employee at increased risk of injury or disability, and the employer at risk from a lawsuit. 2019 saw over 2000 lawsuits filed against companies in the USA for lack of DSE compliance and accessibility. That’s more than five a day. (Source – 2019 ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuit Recap Report).

Screen Fatigue/Computer Vision Syndrome is the most common injury associated with screen use. 58% of UK screen users are estimated to suffer from this.  Screen Fatigue affects all performance factors: visual stamina, reaction time and the stability of 3D vision and problem-solving abilities.

Watch our explainer video below – it’s just over 4 minutes long an explains Computer Vision Syndrome, also known as screen fatigue.

Display Screen Optimiser – Registration

Optimise your screen. Find the colour background which will enable your screen to deliver text to your eyes at improved speeds over a standard black on white background page.

How we help you: 

We understand the human factors involved  with DSE that underpin the UK  and international accessibility legislation. The new guidelines have been specifically  designed to enable accessibility and reduce the often debilitating repetitive stress injuries experienced by the majority of operators; generally over-exposur to sub-optimally calibrated display screen devices.

We are the only UK company that can ensure compliance with ISO 30071.1 screen interface colour contrast accessibility. 

ScreenRisk can supply you with an accessibility statement, tailor made for your company that can be used to prove DSE and accessibility compliance.  

Request a demonstration to see how our patented software works.

Let us ensure you are DSE 1993, WCAG 2.1 and ISO 30071.1 compliant!

If you would like to know more about the science around ocular health and screen optimisation, then please read our Research Page.

The Benefits of Digital Compliance 

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