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Real Children

I speak about a race of real children, not too wise or too good, but bounded up and down by love and hate, oh may their early joys be nature and knowledge, rightly honoured by that name, not purchased with loss of power.

Wordsworth – Prelude V.410-425

Oh may their early joys be nature and knowledge. Knowledge, rightly honoured by that name, not purchased with the loss of power. Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

IT Checks for Schools

Dyslexia Tests

QSDyslexiatest Website Image

QuickScan Dyslexia Questionnaire and QuickScreen Dyslexia Test

QuickScan and QuickScreen – Two OnLine dyslexia tools.

QuickScan is an online questionnaire that provides an insight into learning modalities and other aspects of study skills as well as dyslexia.

QuickScreen is a more in-depth diagnostic-style test that looks at ability and performance in a range of literacy skills.

QS Dyslexia Tests (QS) provide two online products for dyslexia screening for young people and adults and will flag up indicators for dyslexia.

The dyslexia screening tools are ideal for both:

  • individuals at home –  and
  • organisations – for their recruits, staff or students with a management portal, detailed reporting and annual licenses

Whether you are a personal user, educational establishment or workplace organisation, you have the option to use one or both of these screening tools depending on your requirements and results.

Please note there are costs associated with both tests.

But if you are signed in as a Display Screen Optimiser subscriber you can have a free go on QuickScan on the Tools Page

Why are we mentioning another company and website on our site? Because coloured overlays, in our case background colours for your digital display screen, help with dyslexia too.

In fact, this is how they were brought mainstream.

From working with people with dyslexia, we now know that coloured backgrounds also help mitigate the risks of screen fatigue.

For more information about QuickScan and QuickScreen, hop over to their website.

For more information about coloured overlays, and how colours can help you to improve your reading speed, improve your productivity and mitigate the harms of screen fatigue:

We suggest further reading from our blog – Colour Contrast 101 why is it important for eye health and then this excerpt from our white paper – Colour optimisation and visual stress

Sleep Deprivation?

Do we really need to sleep? Dr. Thomas Neylan looks at intrinsic sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia and what to do if they affect you. Dr. Elissaios Karageorgio looks at how aging affects sleep and Dr. Rochelle Zak looks at the neurophysiology of sleep.

CVS Study

CVS Study

CVS Study

A cross-sectional study was conducted among medical and engineering college students of a University situated in the suburban area of Chennai. Students who used computer in the month preceding the date of study were included in the study. The participants were surveyed using a pre-tested structured questionnaire.

Asthenopia in Children

Asthenopia in Children

Asthenopia in Children

Although asthenopia is a frequent and relevant clinical problem in childhood, with potential consequences for learning, the scarcity of studies about the prevalence and clinical impact of asthenopia hinders the effective planning of public health measures.

Digital Accessibility

Hooray – the time has come the Walrus said for many things and eye-strain (Asthenopia) Computer Vision Syndrome or Screen Fatigue as a disability which has, for far to long, been dismissed as temporary yet, as an everyday uncomfortable even painful impairment to performance and productivity in the majority of DSE workers contributes 20% or 30 days to the total 57.2 days lost productivity in the UK. Maybe now, whilst recognised as a Global Pandemic elsewhere we can do something to raise awareness in the UK by revisiting the 2007 HSE Better Display Screen RR561 that subjectively reported 58% of user operators experienced symptoms

Work with purpose…

Work with purpose

Work with purpose

Three-quarters (78 percent) of thriving employees in the UK, those who feel fulfilled personally and professionally, say their company has a strong sense of purpose. To find purpose, employees crave movement, learning, and experimentation.


Stress and Absenteeism

Stress and Absenteeism

Stress-inducing situations are one of the biggest reasons for why employees are unable to go to work, according to research.
A survey of 500 HRs by Group Risk Development (GRiD) found stress and stress-inducing situations as the main reason for short-term absences of up to 26 weeks.

The research also found more than a quarter (27%) of HRs believe work-related stress contributes to a higher-than-average absence rate in their organisation.

Dealing with staff shortages (29%), poor work/life balance (20%) and low morale (19%) were also given as reasons for high staff absences.

Lazy eyes everywhere?

Lazy eyes everywhere?

Lazy eyes everywhere?

50 to 90% of the general population WILL suffer from Asthenopia, the WHO ICD medical term for eye-strain that, is significantly exacerbated by display screen use or operation in the workplace where it is more commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome or Screen Fatigue.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices

Dr Anouska Carter, a principal researcher from the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University says: “Poor lifestyle choices in an aging population is crippling the NHS, due to an increased incidence of such conditions as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.”

Is there is…?

or is there ain’t Computer Vision Syndrome…

It actually all depends on who you speak to and how long they have had to or how well they have visually adapted to using and operating display screen equipment, how long and/or often, they are on screen, in a typical day including outside of work hours, and whether or not they are off-screen at least an hour or two before, not just going to bed but, going to sleep.

Like many other conditions, mostly with names ending in an ‘ia’ and, that are, more or less by and large “subjectively” reported, there are as many opinions as there are professional, academic and/or self-proclaimed experts on the subject either for or against “ it “.

Digital Accessibility NCAE/PACER

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials and PACER Center have developed a brief video in easy-to-understand language that provides an overview of accessibility features to look for in digital learning materials. This open-captioned video is intended to increase awareness of: 1) features that can be designed into digital materials to increase broad usability and accessibility and, 2) the importance of considering accessibility features in the selection digital educational materials. We invite you to view and share this video with colleagues, students and families. For more information about accessible educational materials, visit http://aem.cast.org.

C21st Classroom

Characteristics of 21st Century Classrooms include accessible technology and accessible instructional materials that transform learning for every student. In Fayette County Georgia the system incorporates various classroom technologies and an online interactive network that educators and students can access from a variety of technology devices to communicate about lessons and resources. Examine how this system supports the learning of all students including Bailey.

Martini-style Work Life Balance?

Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Any place, anytime, anywhere……….

The reality of ‘Augmented Reality’ hasn’t really dawned on those in the real world yet, as most of us are just trying to get a grip on the historical content of the IOT let alone the ever increasing speed with which it is insidiously being up-graded even replaced in a world of redundant technology most of us are using today.

Stop Blaming Workers for Work Stress

Stop Blaming Workers

Stop Blaming Workers

Karoshi (suicide by working yourself to death) may now be in the public domain having been recognised since the 1970’s, but fear and insecurity, exacerbated by performance anxiety, continue to insidiously manifest in presenteeism.  This can go right up to the point of adaptation exhaustion when the employee can no longer persevere and develops more serious, debilitating, non-communicable, physical or mental ill-health, sufficient to enforce an escape to put some distance between themselves and the work-stressors.

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