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Without optimising their display screen equipment interface (screen ergonomics) the majority of user operators will be suffering the debilitating symptoms of screen fatigue or computer vision syndrome, founded in over exposure to sub-optimal screen setting so, will be unlikely to persevere with reading for pleasure in any leisure time.

It may have been acceptable custom and practice, over the years, for DSE operators to loose 20% performance and productivity over the working day manifesting in presenteeism equivalent to around 30 days lost productivity a year when occupational health didn’t include “Work Exposure Limits” but, as research identifies stressors in the link to longitudinal mental ill-health and other non-communicable diseases it is time to address this common risk.

Especially as it has now been made possible to “objectively measure the risk of Screen Fatigue / CVS,” and significantly mitigate the hazard that remains far from temporary and is on-going.

Not knowing, ignorance and/or omission to address a risk that is not only foreseeable and predictable, but known, or should be known, having given it a name or two, is negligence?

Display Screen Optimiser – Registration

Optimise your screen. Find the colour background which will enable your screen to deliver text to your eyes at improved speeds over a standard black on white background page.


QuickScan is a questionnaire, designed to take a diagnostic look at the way you work, your strengths and weaknesses, and your preferred learning style, as well as indications of dyslexia.

Whether you were an “A” student, or had difficulties, the questionnaire is there to help you improve your self awareness and performance.”

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