The ScreenRisk Story

We know display screen equipment (DSE) & compliance so well, we built the software for it.

Our Founder: Nigel Dupree.


Nigel launched ScreenRisk out of frustration that something could be done and wasn’t, and a desire to make a change in the world.

Ocular health is extremely low on the priority list of workplace wellness – (just scan DSE 1992 – it’s about ergonomics, not vision), yet with working patterns today it should be at the top.

Poor vision with a poor working environment equals poor results, which impacts everybody’s bottom line.

ScreenRisk was initially launched in 1999, and many years later after valuable beta testing, ScreenRisk has new software, new membership tiers and a website overflowing with valuable information to help you navigate workplace compliance when it comes to DSE.

On a more personal note:

The proceeds from ScreenRisk go towards funding another project of Nigel’s – The SMART foundation. A charity set up for young kids who have fallen through the educational gaps, due to their eyesight and reading issues not being picked up fast enough, which has allowed them to slip through the net and be left behind.


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