3 months ago

"THE NEEDS OF THE CHILD ARE PARAMOUNT"Fancy Accounting to average out off-rolling children excluded from participating in learning simply because they have NOT been enabled to read fluently, suffer a high degree of stress and performance anxiety manifesting in very normal fight or flight "text avoidance strategies" giving them the opportunity to quote "Zero Tolerance" and enact their Behavioural Apartheid Policies.In-school exclusion / isolation, backed-up by temporary suspensions (25 days) or TWO TERMS if curriculum reduced to one day a week, and like it says on shampoo bottles "repeat as necessary" until post Xmas year '11' then don't need to see them again as will be '16' - job done.Oh, and if they are "cared for kids" just shift them out of county while keeping them on-role up to the age of 16 and then chuck them out on the street or into B & B's to be scared stupid and groomed for county-line self-employment.No wonder 30% of Kids leave Secondary School to join the Functionally and/or Digitally Illiterate maintaining the UK socio-economically immobile population in the Hourglass Economy of Haves and Have-not's in the 21st Century. (HSE RR 600) ...
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6 months ago

Expediently ignoring the 21st Century systemic failures to modify the broken production-line industrial model, now well past it's last century use-by date, along with crushing social mobility has the reached the point of no return post C-19.Nevertheless, it looks like it will take as bottom-up revolution as, it doesn't look like it is going to be a top-down joined-up approach whilst governments continue building an Hourglass Economy of Haves and Have-nots simply differentiated by excluding or disabling those who have NOT been enabled to be Digitally Literate or read fluently from participating in learning. ...
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9 months ago

ScreenRisk - Computer Vision Syndrome ...
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