We are sorry but the Display Screen Optimiser is currently changing servers so will not be available until September. Please feel free to register and take a look at your Screen Score in the meantime.

By completing and submitting the following Screenrisk form you will be consenting to be one of the first 1,000 beta testers to add their “screen performance data” to our research. We hope to publish an initial statistical analysis of the Beta Trial “screen score” results in the autumn of 2018 and will be sending all participants an extract and link to our report.  We may also contact you by email to enquire about your user experience. By completing this form you consent to this.

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    The following basic display screen interface risk assessment information will add value to the Beta Trial study and proof of concept when presenting our results to scientific papers along with Occupational Health Bodies/Institutions, Unions and ultimately employers to future-proof their DSE Risk Assessment protocols when stress auditing becomes the norm.

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Optimise your screen interface ergonomics now!

Please be aware we do know that your screen maybe used in less than ideal or uniform laboratory conditions where ambient and work daylighting etc can be precisely controlled. Nevertheless, by simply customising or adapting screen settings “to the user operator” the majority of subjects have reported a measurable reduction in eye-strain and stress.

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